Qi'Mathero Depths


Drow attack Deephome. Party escapes with around 50-100 refugees (counts vary).


The party splits. One group looks for a place to relocate the refugees, the other performs recon on the attacking army.

Refugee Tidbits

  • Drow patrols are essentially random, but police as far as 5 hours’ march beyond the city walls
  • Islands in the Sea of Diamonds (North of Deephome) might make a good hideout
  • There are also some caves to the South
  • Found a ship guarded by the Drow, killed them
  • Staged the ship’s wreck to throw off the Drow, named it the Albino Hippo
  • Up next: scouting out the islands for the refugees

Recon Tidbits

  • Drow army came from the West, a month’s march
  • The army is “doing Lolth’s bidding”
  • A Drow scavenging party is out and should be back soon
  • Up next: ambush the scavenging party
  • Approach the island to find fungal mats floating on the surface of the the water
  • Fungal Bloodthorn try to drown the party, but fail
  • Beach the boat without causing further damage to it
  • Set up camp with Create Campsite (DC:26 to be noticed)
  • Saw some rats scurrying in the night
  • Explored caves and cleared them of rats
  • Time Count: 1 Day (Only 1 long rest granted since begining of campaign)
  • Found a group of Myconids about to fight Drow who were hunting them for bounty.
  • Convinced Myconids we were allies, which was hard even after killing a Drow.
  • The Myconids grudgingly agreed to fight the Drow first and the combined forces won the fight.
  • The Myconids’ leader explained that they were fleeing a Drow slave camp.
  • The Drow had placed a price on the head of all Myconids, particularly chiefs, of which this band’s was the last in the region.
  • The Chief gave the group enough directions to search for the camp after resting.
  • One of the Drow had missive saying they were to be in town three days hence for the coronation of Her Majesty.
The Boat crew was again the only active party.
  • Finished exploring the Northern caves on the large island
  • Scouted South and found some Skulks. Dispatched them, followed their backtrail and found two whole villages of them.
  • Jast2, Maethor, and Umbrarum scouted the villages at night and found 6 logs of Builder’s Stalk (a fibrous mushroom that can be used much as wood for construction, etc.)
  • They took out the guards (impressively like assassins with angry eyebrows) and stole 4 canoes and the logs
  • Needed to get the Skulks to leave the island so the refugees would be safe
  • Then they, and Mirin, let themselves be seen/heard as they pretended to be Drow reporting back to base: “Her Majesty will be most pleased when her ships arrive tommorrow.”
  • Fixed the Albino Hippo, outfitted with open-air cargo hold—watch your step on-deck!
  • The next day, loaded refugees on the Hippo made up as Drow and let them be observed disembarking and setting up military camp, complete with naughty Drow Hand Sign.
  • All of this set the Skulks packing, thinking the island was being overrun with Drow
  • We are level 2!!! Up next: regroup and screw up the coronation?
The Recon Group was the only active.
  • We went to the slave camp the Myconids told us about to free the slaves.
  • It was abandoned, but we found some Builder’s Stalk. It looked like they were digging for minerals.
  • We went through a tunnel and found a village. they gave us directions to the new slave camp sight.
  • On the way, we found an escaped slave, an Elf named Gwindor. He gave us tactical info about the camp.
  • We got there and half went in the front, half through the side. We took out the guards, which alerted the higher ranking officers.
  • They came out and we beat them. We freed the slaves and found another missive about the coronation in 3 days.

The Band regrouped outside Deephome in order to observe/interfere with/etc. the coronation. They split into two groups, West Gate and South Gate, each to enter the city through their respective gates.

South Gate Group:
  • Discovered a secret passage into the city on the Northwest side—goes to a pub/inn called the Merry Pig .
  • Entered the city and found a feast held for the citizens. The food seemed good.
    • The wine was cheap and the ale was strong. Nobody drank any of it to taste it, though.
    • Found that most citizens are happy with the gift of food and drink, thinking they previously misjudged the Drow. Many may not like the regime change per se, but they are happy with the leadership and gifts.
  • Wandered off and found a guarded warehouse in the ghetto.
  • Inside were prisoners about to be fed to a giant spider named Georgia freed the prisoners and killed the guards.
  • One of them was a Dwarf cleric of Moradin named Gimble Axlefist
West Gate Group:
  • Fought in through the gate
  • Snuck into an alley and alerted the guards
  • Fooled the guards into thinking they were traveling performers hired for the coronation and that their weapons were for the act.
  • Bluffed the guards away and slaughtered the rest.
  • Went to the feast.
    • Found that most citizens are happy with the gift of food and drink, thinking they previously misjudged the Drow. Many may not like the regime change per se, but they are happy with the leadership and gifts.

The two parties regrouped. Some went to locate another prison, others remained at the feast.

  • Gimble told us there are multiple “prisons,” 1 in each ward and 2 in the ghetto, housing both legitimate criminals and the Drows’ victims. He gave us the location of the other one in the ghetto.
  • We found said second prison with two guards outside. Tactical mistakes let them set an ambush which nearly killed Sveinn twice.
  • Eventually beat the guards. The prisoners we found had already dispatched the more detestable among them and were led by Alepathia, an Elf cleric of Avandra.
  • We gained her trust, but the building was set on fire by the Drow. We escaped with the prisoners.

We were fleeing the burning building.

  • Alepathia bolted, but we were able to follow her back to feast and we all melted into the crowd We asked to go somewhere secure, she took us to the Merry Pig
  • She is Henry Orwell’s sister-in-law
  • The passphrase to the secret passage is: “why so blue, quoth the pig.” (and it must be delivered in a squeaky falsetto)
  • Searching for clues about the prisons, we learned a banana vendor went missing
  • Bananas are rare because they require magically emulated sunlight
  • Went to his house, met his servant, Merry. Vendor’s name is Batham, an Eladrin
  • He went missing the day after the invasion, his cart a block away from his house
  • He’s good at lighting and traps, bad at teleportation. Makes Sun Orbs, good for growing plants
  • He had a hidden study in his banana grove
  • Got rituals: Explorer’s Fire, Arcane Mark, Wizard’s Curtain, Preservation, and Power Sun Orb
  • Power Sun Orb: Lv 1. 1 Healing Surge to cast, 10 min. Focus: Sun Orb. Can work at great distances.
  • We went to the roof and cast the ritual to try to light and find the Sun Orb Batham had taken with him. It lit a window.
  • We went to the window and Drow streamed out. Ended mid-combat.
Group A: Bathams group.
  • Finished Combat and found Batham Hiding in a room.
  • The party decided to take a short rest giving time for the guards reinforcements to gather.
  • After they defeated the reinforcements they ran with Batham looking for a safe place to talk. * * There were guard whistles and sounds of them being chased but no visible sign of guards directly on their trails.
Group B: Had stayed behind at the feast
  • Retired for the evening at an inn where all fell unconscious by an indescernable power
  • Awoke on the outskirts of Moorshum, a town whose icon was stolen by the Syugysh goblin clan, notable for their distinctive tribal masks and living in the caves on the cliff face nearby
  • Contracted by Mayor Oiram to retrieve the icon
  • Fiercely battled the Shyugysh Loopsters (special warriors trained to ride vine-climbing beetles)
  • Got into the chief’s room using a hidden key which was magically tied to a phantom mask
  • Defeated the goblin chief, Traw, and recovered the icon
  • Upon returning the icon to Oiram, the party woke up in their room at the inn. (we were able to make a recording of this adventure. Find it here)
Only one group
  • Ran from the guards onto a random rooftop
  • The woman of the house recognized Andreas’ badge; her late husband was old guard
  • We are taking her, her two children and Batham out of the city and to the refugee camp
  • We stopped by Batham’s to grab some things
  • Batham had been captured and accused of performing unauthorized magic
  • We left through the tunnel at the Merry Pig
  • A patrol spotted us exiting; we disposed of them
  • Andreas was felled with a jeweled sacrificial dagger, in which his soul is now trapped

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