Qi'Mathero Depths

  • Approach the island to find fungal mats floating on the surface of the the water
  • Fungal Bloodthorn try to drown the party, but fail
  • Beach the boat without causing further damage to it
  • Set up camp with Create Campsite (DC:26 to be noticed)
  • Saw some rats scurrying in the night
  • Explored caves and cleared them of rats
  • Time Count: 1 Day (Only 1 long rest granted since begining of campaign)
  • Found a group of Myconids about to fight Drow who were hunting them for bounty.
  • Convinced Myconids we were allies, which was hard even after killing a Drow.
  • The Myconids grudgingly agreed to fight the Drow first and the combined forces won the fight.
  • The Myconids’ leader explained that they were fleeing a Drow slave camp.
  • The Drow had placed a price on the head of all Myconids, particularly chiefs, of which this band’s was the last in the region.
  • The Chief gave the group enough directions to search for the camp after resting.
  • One of the Drow had missive saying they were to be in town three days hence for the coronation of Her Majesty.

The party splits. One group looks for a place to relocate the refugees, the other performs recon on the attacking army.

Refugee Tidbits

  • Drow patrols are essentially random, but police as far as 5 hours’ march beyond the city walls
  • Islands in the Sea of Diamonds (North of Deephome) might make a good hideout
  • There are also some caves to the South
  • Found a ship guarded by the Drow, killed them
  • Staged the ship’s wreck to throw off the Drow, named it the Albino Hippo
  • Up next: scouting out the islands for the refugees

Recon Tidbits

  • Drow army came from the West, a month’s march
  • The army is “doing Lolth’s bidding”
  • A Drow scavenging party is out and should be back soon
  • Up next: ambush the scavenging party

Drow attack Deephome. Party escapes with around 50-100 refugees (counts vary).


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