Qi'Mathero Depths


Two groups were played. The events of group A were concurrent with the encounter that took place on 8/27 (about a day behind).

Group A:
  • Those who had stayed behind with the dagger met up with the group that had stayed in Deephome.
  • They explained about what happened to Andreas and decided to try to find a priestess.
  • They overheard some guards talking about one, Jenna, who had recently been imprisoned for apostasy (she was scheduled to be executed).
  • Got one of them drunk and found her location, the deepest cell of the Crystal Throne’s dungeons.
  • Snuck their way to the dungeons, dispatched the guards and rescued the priestess.
  • She turned out to be only an acolyte. She thinks the best course of action is to finish the sacrificial ceremony and then try to resurrect the liberated soul. Although her training is unfinished, what she did learn implies that the sooner this is done, the less permanent damage will occur to Andreas’ mind.



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