Qi'Mathero Depths


Group A: Bathams group.
  • Finished Combat and found Batham Hiding in a room.
  • The party decided to take a short rest giving time for the guards reinforcements to gather.
  • After they defeated the reinforcements they ran with Batham looking for a safe place to talk. * * There were guard whistles and sounds of them being chased but no visible sign of guards directly on their trails.
Group B: Had stayed behind at the feast
  • Retired for the evening at an inn where all fell unconscious by an indescernable power
  • Awoke on the outskirts of Moorshum, a town whose icon was stolen by the Syugysh goblin clan, notable for their distinctive tribal masks and living in the caves on the cliff face nearby
  • Contracted by Mayor Oiram to retrieve the icon
  • Fiercely battled the Shyugysh Loopsters (special warriors trained to ride vine-climbing beetles)
  • Got into the chief’s room using a hidden key which was magically tied to a phantom mask
  • Defeated the goblin chief, Traw, and recovered the icon
  • Upon returning the icon to Oiram, the party woke up in their room at the inn. (we were able to make a recording of this adventure. Find it here)



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