Qi'Mathero Depths


We were fleeing the burning building.

  • Alepathia bolted, but we were able to follow her back to feast and we all melted into the crowd We asked to go somewhere secure, she took us to the Merry Pig
  • She is Henry Orwell’s sister-in-law
  • The passphrase to the secret passage is: “why so blue, quoth the pig.” (and it must be delivered in a squeaky falsetto)
  • Searching for clues about the prisons, we learned a banana vendor went missing
  • Bananas are rare because they require magically emulated sunlight
  • Went to his house, met his servant, Merry. Vendor’s name is Batham, an Eladrin
  • He went missing the day after the invasion, his cart a block away from his house
  • He’s good at lighting and traps, bad at teleportation. Makes Sun Orbs, good for growing plants
  • He had a hidden study in his banana grove
  • Got rituals: Explorer’s Fire, Arcane Mark, Wizard’s Curtain, Preservation, and Power Sun Orb
  • Power Sun Orb: Lv 1. 1 Healing Surge to cast, 10 min. Focus: Sun Orb. Can work at great distances.
  • We went to the roof and cast the ritual to try to light and find the Sun Orb Batham had taken with him. It lit a window.
  • We went to the window and Drow streamed out. Ended mid-combat.



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