Qi'Mathero Depths


The Boat crew was again the only active party.
  • Finished exploring the Northern caves on the large island
  • Scouted South and found some Skulks. Dispatched them, followed their backtrail and found two whole villages of them.
  • Jast2, Maethor, and Umbrarum scouted the villages at night and found 6 logs of Builder’s Stalk (a fibrous mushroom that can be used much as wood for construction, etc.)
  • They took out the guards (impressively like assassins with angry eyebrows) and stole 4 canoes and the logs
  • Needed to get the Skulks to leave the island so the refugees would be safe
  • Then they, and Mirin, let themselves be seen/heard as they pretended to be Drow reporting back to base: “Her Majesty will be most pleased when her ships arrive tommorrow.”
  • Fixed the Albino Hippo, outfitted with open-air cargo hold—watch your step on-deck!
  • The next day, loaded refugees on the Hippo made up as Drow and let them be observed disembarking and setting up military camp, complete with naughty Drow Hand Sign.
  • All of this set the Skulks packing, thinking the island was being overrun with Drow
  • We are level 2!!! Up next: regroup and screw up the coronation?



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